Personalized Tutoring Program

Inspired a growth mindset for struggling learners.

For kids who are struggling with: Class Engagement,  Daily Assignments, Scores, Performance, and have fallen below expected grade level.

School Support at Home

Recreate the school day with one of our homeschool tutors/teachers!

For families who prefer home base learning solutions in a safe, happy, and educational environment we have excellent tutors/teachers ready to partner with families.

Academic Coaching Program

Learning 21st-century skills goes beyond the classroom!

For families who would like support with managing the time of the child(s) this school year and goes beyond the school skills.

SEL Programs for Families

Kids on the Yard believe families, like life, can evolve over a cycle of time into a dream of fulfillment.

Children learn resilience tools, purposeful desires, empathy, and self-worth alongside academics to empower the 21st child and parent.

Building, Designing and branding Kids on the Yard

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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom

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