What is Cloud Security? Tips and Risks

Cloud Service Data Security Concept

Cloud security is a primary concern for businesses and individuals using cloud computing. It refers to data storage capacity in the cloud, hence the importance of having a sound security system that allows its protection. Furthermore, the limitation of physical space means that, at present, this option is the preferred option for most companies since it will enable access from different devices that have an Internet connection.

What is cloud security?

Cloud security is one of the disciplines that make up the cybersecurity field. It is made up of protocols, technology, and good practices that focus on securing any computer system on the cloud.

To achieve the goal of much-prized security, several agents must intervene in the process, from cloud service providers to customers who use that data. But the fundamental role falls on the provider since it works with the client’s trust by ensuring the proper storage and protection of the information. 

In addition, security in the cloud implies the management of access and identities, the establishment of policies for preventing and detecting threats, and compliance with the regulations regarding personal data protection.

Seven cloud security tips

Keeping files stored in the cloud safe is one of the main concerns of companies and individuals who use this method. It has numerous advantages, such as, for example, saving both space and economics. However, it also carries certain risks, so you have to consider some tips to increase the security and protection of data and make use of these services safely.

Define strong passwords

This is the first barrier to access any information storage. Due to lack of knowledge or overconfidence, most people choose easily memorizable passwords. This is a severe mistake since it will be easy to obtain in a possible cyber attack.

It is advisable to spend some time creating a secure password, not having the same for all internet spaces and changing it periodically (every 3 or 6 months).

Encrypt the data

Although it may sound like advice for cybersecurity professionals, anyone can encrypt your data. Today, many applications allow you to encrypt all types of documents and files. In this way, if they fall into other hands, they will not decipher their content.

Selecting the information to be stored in the cloud

Even taking all the above precautions, you are never exempt from a possible cyber attack. It is essential to select which information is stored in the cloud and which should not be there to reduce the damage. In this case, the most confidential or sensitive data should not be held by the cloud computing system.

Access management

To avoid possible information leaks, only one person must know the access data. However, nowadays, it is widespread that it is possible to enter from different devices, which increases the exposure of these documents. Therefore, through adequate security protocols, it must be determined who can access and from where.

An alternative method for backups

Using the cloud to host the backup copies of other devices is a great option, but you must have a second option where that information is collected. In other words, it should not be the only place where backups of sensitive or vital data reside.

Carefully review the conditions of use and the privacy policy.

Many of the services used to host information in the cloud have terms of use that their users do not review thoroughly. When an application with these characteristics is installed, its conditions are usually accepted without reading them. This is a mistake since knowing them in detail will be cautious against possible unexpected closures of the service.

Choosing the correct security system

In any equipment that will be used, software must be installed that allows its defense against a possible security breach. This must be following the needs of its user and be updated periodically to face new risks in the computing world. There are also security systems in the cloud.

Dangers and risks of using cloud services

There are numerous advantages to using this storage system, but there are also different dangers and risks to which users who hire a cloud-based service are exposed. Knowing them in detail means facing them through prevention and taking prior security measures.

Sudden termination of service

The company that offers the hosting services can stop working for many reasons, from a computer problem to an economic one. In this case, the company is exposed to losing the information without the option of recovering it, which is a significant offense to the interests of its users.


Errors, although they are not recurrent, can occur on occasions. These mistakes arise on both sides: the provider’s service may experience a failure, or, conversely, the user’s device may lose connectivity and, therefore, access to data.

Access from mobile

Mobile phones with 3G or 4G technology can produce significant data consumption if they inadvertently access storage services in the cloud. In addition, extreme precautions must be taken to prevent people outside the organization from usurping access to data.


Having different devices synchronized implies that these teams must be managed with great care. For example, it is straightforward for a file to be deleted on one of the devices, with the consequent disappearance also in the cloud.


A cyber attack can result in deleting data stored in the cloud or, worse, making it available to anyone with malicious intent.

Transparency of service providers

It is essential to know the conditions of the cloud storage service providers, their physical location, and their data protection policy. This will reduce the associated legal problems. In addition, it implies the security that the company will not use the stored data for any hidden purpose.

In conclusion, security in the cloud carries different risks that can be offset by prevention protocols and good software, such as the one we offer at NFON. Nevertheless, the advantages of this type of virtual storage are an attraction for most companies, which is why its use has grown exponentially in recent years.


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